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Solar power is one of the world’s fastest growing energy resources and is now more affordable than ever. With grid tie and off grid options, you can make your solar array work for you. Save money on your power bill and be in control of your home’s energy consumption. Do you have a solar system installed which is not performing? Let us help you get the best out of it with a free check up.

  • There has been a massive rise in the number of solar installations around the world as households begin to understand its increasing number of benefits.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your home and create a clean green environment.

  • With Hybrid Grid-tie solutions now available, excess power that your system produces can be stored in a battery bank for later use or diverted back to the grid.

  • The world’s largest solar array is currently at Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in Qinghai Province, China. Covering 27 square kilometres and able to produce 850 Mega Watts of power; which is enough to power up to 200,000 households. With Solar power growth in Europe and the United States increasing by 50% in 2017, why would clean green New Zealand not follow suit?

  • All of our solar packages include online software which enables you to have full control of your system and monitor your solar production.

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