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What We Do

Light Energy supplies and installs LED lighting, Solar Power and Ventilation solutions to increase comfort and reduce running costs in your home. Providing the most cost effective products; without compromising on quality.


LED Lighting

Every domestic household is looking for ways to reduce energy costs in order to save money. Upgrading to LED Lighting solutions offers significant energy and maintenance cost savings as well as modernising the look of your dwelling.

  • The most recent LED technology has allowed LED’s to mimic natural light, which means a better internal environment for the whole family.

  • Give your home a more modern look by upgrading to LED light fittings.

  • By installing LED lights you can help to reduce your impact on the environment by preventing bulbs going to landfill.

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Solar panel installation and solar energy packages in South Island and Christchurch. Solar power is one of the world’s fastest growing energy resources and is now more affordable than ever. With grid tie and off grid options, you can make your solar array work for you. Save money on your power bill and be in control of your home’s energy consumption. Do you have a solar system installed which is not performing? Let us help you get the best out of it with a free check up.

  • There has been a massive rise in the number of solar installations around the world as households begin to understand its increasing number of benefits.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your home and create a clean green environment.

  • With Hybrid Grid-tie solutions now available, excess power that your system produces can be stored in a battery bank for later use or diverted back to the grid.

  • The world’s largest solar array is currently at Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in Qinghai Province, China. Covering 27 square kilometres and able to produce 850 Mega Watts of power; which is enough to power up to 200,000 households. With Solar power growth in Europe and the United States increasing by 50% in 2017, why would clean green New Zealand not follow suit?

  • All of our solar packages include online software which enables you to have full control of your system and monitor your solar production.

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Heating & Ventilation

Living in a warm dry environment increases your health and well being.
Efficient ventilation systems provide a method to remove fumes and unwanted odours, providing a supply of clean, fresh air into the home.

  • Increasing the amount of fresh air in the home promotes a more comfortable environment.

  • It is beneficial to remove kitchen and other odours throughout the home; which can be achieved by effective ventilation systems.

  • Studies have shown that home environments which are kept between 21-22 degrees Celsius are the healthiest. Especially when combined with fresh air solutions.

  • The reduction of moisture levels in the air we breathe is very important to our health and well being in order to reduce airborne allergens and dust particles.

  • Save money on electricity by pulling in cool night air in summer and warm air from your roof space in winter. Having a warm dry home prevents the onset of respiratory problems and long term lung damage.

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Energy Checkup

Our energy consultants evaluate how energy is being used in your home, and identify energy and cost-saving opportunities. Contact us now for an energy checkup!

  • Let us help you get closer to your financial goals and manage budgets by understanding how to streamline your energy usage.

  • Sometimes the small devices which operate for long periods of time can use more power than the larger equipment which is only used a couple of times a day.

  • Take the guess work out of your energy consumption.

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