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Our Story

Our Energy story begins in 2012 in our Electrical Service Company with a regular question from our customers
“Is there nothing better than these old lights? They are hot, inefficient and we regularly have to change bulbs”.

This was the trigger that prompted us to begin on a new direction into supplying and installing high efficiency LED lighting. As this part of our company grew, we began to investigate and invest in other energy saving products and alternative energy products like Solar PV and wind turbines. Now, as Light Energy, we work closely with dozens of suppliers from all over the world and throughout New Zealand to find fantastic product to meet our Light Energy Customers needs.

Who We Are

Andrew and Anthea MacKenzie-Bauer

Company Founders

Andrew and Anthea have always been passionate about the environment. It doesn’t matter whether they are tramping on the many beautiful hikes around NZ, reducing and reusing the waste in their busy businesses, or investing into green technologies at their Off Grid Sustainable Home here in Canterbury; they are always thinking of the environment and how they are impacting on it. They are so passionate about the environment that they have gone completely off grid, with 100% of their electrical power come from the sun. They have a beautifully warm solar passive home designed by Mark Fielding from Ecotect Homes in Nelson and a Light Energy Solar PV Array with AGM battery bank to store the strong beautiful Kiwi sun to use later. Read more about Andrew and Anthea’s house in this blog.

Why Choose Light Energy

At Light Energy we are passionate about energy efficiency and the environment. Inefficient products and energy wastage sticks out at us like poor spelling to an English teacher!

We love finding ways to reduce energy wastage and become more renewable. As Part of our services we supply and install energy efficient products to help customer reduce energy, install alternative energy sources like Solar PV and wind turbines and install energy monitors to enable customer to see their minute by minute power usage, helping them make smarter energy choices.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers, to look at their needs and budget, to help them to make a one, two or three year energy reduction plan.

Our Customer Stories

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What is an Energy Checkup?

An Energy Checkup enables us to view and analyse the energy usage in your home or business. Areas of opportunity can then be identified; where power consumption can be reduced or moved to a more efficient time of day.

Once data has been captured we are able to look further into which areas of the home or business are using the most power.

The five main power consumers in the home can usually be attributed to:


––Hot Water Heating


––Washing / Drying


Through more efficient heating and lighting methods; Light Energy can reduce the average household power bill by 20%. The variety of LED technology available is growing exponentially; so it is good to have peace of mind that Light Energy is able to source its LED components from reliable manufacturers.

In the course of daily operations companies can easily waste energy which could be put to use in other facets of the business. Making sure that heating and cooling is carried out in the most efficient manner and at the optimal time. Sometimes the solution to saving power can be as simple as changing the routine. Other sources of power can also be considered to gain more control over your power usage and cost.

Further savings and efficiencies can be made by way of sustainable energy.

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