Lighting Installation at GIB Winston Wallboards

The challenge–to replace 293 x 400W Metal Halide High Bays and 38 x 400W Flood Lights over a 5 week period. This was achieved through great planning and organisation, and with excellent communication with production staff. GIB was provided with a detailed installation plan that worked in with their production schedule and shut days; allowing Light Energy to work as efficiently as possible. A containerized base and workshop was set up on site; serving as a secure location for lighting stock, and allowing Light Energy to have its own space for lighting preparation and safety meetings. As part of safety preparation Light Energy implemented the ‘Site Safe Safety Plan’, which helped greatly with identifying the many risks that come with working around forklifts, moving machinery and working at heights. An environmental plan that covered waste management, recycling and chemical safety was also implemented. All cardboard was recycled, plastic bags were reused or listed on the Freecycle NZ web site for others to reuse, metal or aluminium was recycled and the old metal Halide lamps were disposed of using Interwaste’s services.

It was a pleasure working with the staff from Winstone Wallboards Christchurch. From start to finish it was easy to navigate their site and work with their Production and Engineering Staff.

Site Details

Number Of Lights: 330 (400W Metal Halide)
Annual Metal Halide KWh: 1,156,320 KWh
Annual LED KWh: 216,810 KWh*
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Annual Power Reduction: 939,510KWh
* KWh saving include a 50% reduction due to the integration of daylight sensors.