Workshop LED Lighting

Workshop LED Lighting

Substantial savings from LED Efficiencies and Daylight Harvesting!

Lighting bill reduction of 70%, Improved lighting levels and a 5yr no worries warranty!

Alsop Joinery produce some of Christchurch’s finest custom timber products. They manufacture high quality windows & doors, kitchens & cabinets, stairs & balustrades. So when producing items of such high quality, good lighting is so important for precision, quality and safety.

Light Energy had the pleasure of replacing the old failing 400w Metal Halide lights with new 150W LED high bays. What makes this install special, is the integration of our daylight harvesting sensors. These sensors can reduce daily power consumption buy a further 25-50%, depending on the application.  This small but powerful sensor compensates for the natural light entering the building through skylights or windows and controls the light output via a dimmable power supply. In this application, installing the daylight harvesting sensors, has added additional $1500 to the annual savings. Bringing the total annual savings to just over $3500 per year.

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