Storage/Warehouse Lighting – Eco, Power Savings, Improved Reliability

Light Energy knew a lighting solution for 3R Group, a farm waste and paint waste recycling facility, had to be as Eco as possible. A lighting plan was developed to replace the 400W Metal Halide Low Bays with Light Energy’s 100W LED High Bay lights. Motion detection and daylight sensing was added to each light to maximize the potential for savings. As a result the site is brighter when needed; when the sun is out the lights dim down to compensate for the natural light levels, and when no one is around the motion sensors switch off the lights.

Site Details

Metal Halide Annual KWh:  12,480KWh
LED Annual KWh: 1,560 KWh*
Hours of Operation: 10 hr 5 day per week
Annual Power Reduction:  10,920KWh
Average Annual $ Saving @ 25c / kwh: $2,730
Annual Maintenance Savings: $624
Total Annual Savings: $3,354
Return on Investment: 1.5 years

* KWh saving include a 50% reduction due to the integration of daylight and motion sensors.