Rural Solar!

Cost Effective, Reliable Power for Remote Pumps, Dairy Sheds, Workshops and Homes!

If you have built, or live in, a rural area you will know all too well that getting power to remote locations, or just your 10 acre block, can be a costly exercise. Running cables for hundreds of meters is just the start; when connecting to the electricity network there is more often than not extra charges for transformers or contributions to the electricity network upgrade. Our range of energy solutions include solar off-grid and solar energy packages in Christchurch and South Island.

Increasingly, we are finding that we can install an Off Grid power solution, that costs less than connecting to the mains! Plus with the added benefit that you will never have a bill from an Electricity Retailer again!

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Our Solar experience covers;

  • Off Grid with Generator Backup
  • Urban Off Grid
  • Grid Tie
  • Battery Storage Solutions
  • Low Voltage DC Systems for Buses/ Caravans /Campers.
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